About Cupcake Monster

about the cupcake monster

Story & Mission

Hey there, I’m the Cupcake Monster!  I enjoy a voracious appetite and my favorite food is cupcakes!  My famous eating phrases, such as “Me want cupcakes!”, “I love cupcakes”, “Me eat cupcakes!”  I love chocolate  chocolate cupcakes, vanilla, red velvet, cakes, cookies,ice cream – yup all of it.  But I balance my appetite using a good 300 reps protocol in the gym ,veggies, gallons of H2O.

I believe that childhood is a celebration, and the colorful prints and cute characters I design are inspired by the joy and love children bring into our lives. I celebrate childhood by supporting babies, children, and families with thoughtful designs, quality materials and construction, and convenient online shopping options.  Check out cupcake clothing and enjoy.

Love you all,

Fresh Designs
Fresh Designs
Keepin You Lookin Good
From my in-house Design and Creative studios to our monthly birthday cupcake breaks. I love to build moments for friends and family using cute cupcake clothing
Cutetest Baby Clothes
Cutetest Baby Clothes
My team is focused and consistently strive for the cutest cupcake baby clothes designs that make people stop look, give complements, and smile!
Cupcake Belle - The Cupcake Fairy
Cupcake Belle - The Cupcake Fairy
Cupcake Belle is a cupcake fairy who magically bakes cupcakes, cakes, and cookies. She can fly and help  others to fly by sprinkling them with fairy sprinkles  and sugar dust.  She’s the best!

Our Philosophy

I believe we should all be able find ‘cupcakes near me’.  So…every Sunday Cupcake Belle and I loved to eat cupcakes at Santa Monica beach as our weekend treat.  One day we found ourselves in Long Beach in Belmont Shores.  Since this was not our usual sweets spot, we were totally lost.  SO..I created Cupcake Maps – the world’s most comprehensive desserts bakery directory.  My app geo-locates to my nearest position so as to find the nearest cupcake shop!  Then I added reviews, deals, check-in offers, articles etc so that I can leave a review of my favorite shop.  Once I started making tees using the logo, they became a local sensation.  So I expended the designs and offerings to include men and omen. I also started Cupcake for Kids program to coordinate sweet treats for children and women in shelters – it’s not much BUT the families REALLY appreciate a sweet love in  their lives!

Check out the awesome gear and enjoy 🙂

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