Cupcakes for Kids

Cupcake Monster’s Cupcakes for Kids Charity

cupcakes for kids - cupcake monster

Children everywhere deserve cupcakes. Join our coalition of Cupcake Monster’s Cupcakes for Kids charity working to give cupcakes and nurture children in America and around the world.

Our cupcakes for kids services send cupcakes to children across America and the world, including at-risk, disabled, sick and crippled kids whose parents are unable to care for them due to their own practical and emotional challenges and for which a cupcake can do wonders!  For many, the luxury of a good cupcake is just not present and we help put smiles on thousands of kids faces because YOU CAN NEVER BE SAD WHILE HOLDING AND EATING A CUPCAKE…true story.  Check out how we help support with cupcake baby clothes!

Sometimes children have significant challenges in their family homes, health issues, physical disabilities, and mental incapacities. Some child out there is exposed to relentless violence, drug use, and poverty. Some child out there somewhere needs daily physical support, mental encouragement, and overall support.  Some children NEVER have the simple pleasure of a GOOD CUPCAKE!

In 2012 Cupcake Monster’s Cupcake s For Kids  our services and support started to empower children who have experienced enormous challenges to lead positive and fulfilling experience.