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Baby Shower Gifts

Baby Shower Gifts

    Once you get that invitation for a baby shower first thing is to think about the gift to get. Getting gifts for the upcoming mother is the most exciting one. You get to explore a list of options on the kind of gifts you can get either from cupcake monsters for baby clothes, toys, and other baby items. Get your lists right to also work within your financial plan.

    You can use advertisements or have suggestions from mothers on ideas of what baby shower gifts to get. Some of the gifts that you might consider include bottle warmers, pads for changing diapers or stylish burping cloths. You don’t have to purchase only the secondary things because they are obviously what the mother wants. When you get ideas from already mothers its easier to know the useful and important gifts that can keep the baby for the first few years. You can add more gifts that you deem useful and practical baby shower gifts from;

    1. Baby girl one-piece bodysuits; beautiful baby girl bodysuit suitable for newborn babies and comfortable for the baby. Available in warm colors and are the one of the best clothing for newborns. Cupcake monster has got you covered in this

    2. Girls T-Shirts and tops; all of your baby girl cute tops and T-shirts are herein all suitable sizes and pretty colors for you to choose from. They have printed pretty picture and writings to sort that warm look and look cute on the r baby. It’s a perfect baby shower gift.

    3. Cupcake Belle Diva Ladies T-shirt; Another pretty design of the mother to be T-shirts. These are available in all sizes and suitable colors for a mom to be. They are perfect for a baby shower gift and cupcake monster offers these in variety to choose from.

    4. Cupcake Monster Lounging Snuggly Infant Long Sleeve; another perfect design clothing for a newborn baby and they can still have it as the baby grows. It’s perfect for the baby and very comfortable and easy to dress the baby and keeps them warm too.

    5. Cupcake Monster Lounging Snuggly Infant Bodysuit; another bodysuit design, very pretty and well designed to keep the baby warm.

    6. Cupcake Monster T-Rompers Bodysuits; T-Rompers are well designed to keep the baby comfortable especially when dressing them in diapers. They are a perfect gift to bring a mom to be at a baby shower.

    7. Tote bag; a well-designed bag for a mom to be to use for carrying around baby things. Very suitable and has inner pockets to hold in baby stuff. It’s a perfect baby shower gift all this with cupcake monster.

    8. Boy’s hoodie; cool hoodies for boys to keep a baby warm or even stylish. Bold colors for the baby boys and are a cool gift to bring to a baby shower. Perfect especially when you know the sex of the baby to come.

    9. Cupcake Monster baby Bibs Collegiate Print; baby bibs are another perfect gift you can get from cupcake monster and you can’t go wrong especially with a collegiate print one.

    10. Cute Cupcake Belle Girl’s Hoodie; hoodies for a baby girl available in pretty colors and warm. Very cute designs and which mom to be wouldn’t love a cute hoodie for their baby girl. Perfect especially when you know the sex of the baby.
    Ensure to be very practical about gifts.

    Other Practical baby shower gifts
    Laundry basket; get a small or medium-sized basket laundry basket which you can use to even hold the gifts. Babies dirty a lot of clothing this comes in handy.
    White cloth diapers; you can get these from cupcake monsters for affordable clothes and good sizes. Diaper cloth gets a big size to cover most rounds.
    Scratch mittens; these are good for the baby nails as they are always attached to infant’s skin and they grow very first especially during the first few weeks. This makes it easier to trim them
    Diapers and wipes; Diapers is a very critical thing to consider when you go to the market. Babies sometimes can be very sensitive to them so you should be very vigilant where you are buying from. For baby diapers do not buy too much of size 1 for all your diapers, most babies outgrow size 1 fast and move to size 2 to get more size
    Formula container; this comes in handy for when you are going somewhere with your baby. You just got to measure your formula or cereals then fill with aqua. No need for any warm water or ice cubes. You can always use this even when the baby is grown for snacks and fruits and later on you can use it to store your small home items like paper clips or buttons.,Baby shower Gifts for mumThere are items you can consider but it will depend on the mommy to be and availability. If you know the mommy to be personally you can get what they prefer most. You can get them a photo album for storing their pictures for memories. You can include Tupperware for mommies to be who like the formula in the mornings or still get them a Quick shake mixer and coupons; either formula coupons or wipe coupons
    Toys and baby items

    Toys are probably the best baby gifts for a baby shower + cupcake baby clothes but most of the toys are useful when the baby is grown a bit. You can get bell rings, toy cars, dolls for the baby. For other baby items, you can get them a baby walker, soothers or baby shakers which the baby can find fun to play with even at a young age. Teddy bears are also another baby gift item you can get.  All the best baby stuff at Cupcake Monster

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